Reviews for "Castaway 2"

nice game

i like it but heres an idea to make the crafting system less tedious if you have the right materials but not the right amount and you try to craft it should say i think your on to something so you now all you have to do is change the amount instead of trying a bunch of different amounts only to find out they wont make anything


I love the game. But i got lost. I have been playing for two houres, jus walking aroudn. I even draw a map on paper, but it was too complicated. There were gates which i couldn't pass. An example that i needed a town key. No idea where to get one of those.
Anyway, i didn't finish the game because of this, while it's great game. Maybe you should make a real map, so that people can find there way. Or a place where one of the fairy kind of things is talking, that it explains you what you have to do.


Verry well done ! tough there's too much grinding at the begining

cool game the problem is my save slots keep erasing.