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Reviews for "The Abusive Review Quiz"


I like it, Infact i think newgrounds should implement something like this as a tutorial and tell you if you got one of the questions wrong.

Would very much help newcomers when to not blow the whistle, how they should review, and generally make us a better community. Well done bro =)

Hacsev responds:

Thanks, man. I like your idea.

I like the concept

I like the idea of creating a review system simulation as a method of training the NG user base to rate reviews accurately. It helps give a stronger grasp as to what's abusive, useless and helpful. This really should have been created years ago by the NG staff team for that purpose; because to be fully honest, a description merely explains it in theory; but it does not explain it literal interaction and for this reason could potentially lead to misconceptions.

I would critique the graphics, what with them simply being screen shots of the actual website, but then it became apparent to me that you created this in just under a day. So I can't really blame you for formatting it like that, although updating the graphics from pixels to vectors now that the challenge is over wouldn't hurt.

I foresee this submission reaching a somewhat critical high in popularity in the near future, just given the concept alone. I really can't believe no one has done this before, of if they have, just that it was so unpopular that it wen't unnoticed before is still unbelievable.

Hacsev responds:

Thank you for your review, phsychopath! It has been created before in fact by a user named RohantheBarbarian, I decided to make a quiz like he did, only it had medals. I actually started something similar to this 3 years ago, but I lost the file when my old computer crashed. So I had to redo it from the beginning and make it with AS2 so it could have the medals.

mmm, alright

It's a good attempt but there's a problem with some of the answers, I'll go into those in a moment, firstly I want to say that while graphically it's not great, it does do the job and fits in well with the Newgrounds theme, the music is an okay choice and the ability to mute is nice, the reveresed flash image at the top is not a good look though, no need to have it reveresed, it just looks silly.

To be a helpful flash, it should give the user feedback about the review, stating why it is helpful/useless/abusive, sure it might defeat the point at the end but that shouldn't really matter if your attempt is to educate.

Now, onto the problems with the questions, I'll only do the ones that seem wrong.

1: This is a code for a game, you're right in it not being abusive but helpful/useless should be down to the person putting it in, so both helpful/useless should be right.

16: "u sux/u emo" or something along those lines is what it is, you've got useless down as the right answer but it should be abusive because it's directing an insult at the author and saying nothing about the flash.

18: Same as 1

There are 1 or 2 others that seem borderline but really, useless/helpful is down the the readers own judgment more than anything else.

There is also a bug at the end where after you click continue, it just repeats the score and nothing happens, so to play again, you have to refresh, making it very akward to replay.

Good effort.



Hacsev responds:

Thank you for the review, Little-Rena. I agree with you in the part of the graphics. I suck a lot in those so I decided to go with the NG Elements.

I was going to put at first the reasons why some are abusive and others are not, but I just didn't have the time for that since I got a lot of problems with the codes. But your totally right on that as well.

From my experience some mods have told me that "u sux/u emo" and "this flash sux" are useless reviews while others have told me that they are in fact abusive. I decided to make the useless button right in case it really happens in NG and you get your whistle downgraded because of that.

Can you PM me about the bug please? I have submitted a newer version, but I don't know if it has been fixed.