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Reviews for "The Abusive Review Quiz"


Great Idea, I would have liked this more if it was a small bit longer oh well.

I have some ideas if you want to make a sequel.

Difficulty mode! That would have been great! Easy, Medium, Hard.

Browse some real reviews which are so retarded (like the one below) and screenshot it in. Great game, Nice one on the award

Hacsev responds:

Thanks for the review! I appreciate the idea, but for the next one I'm going to make the reviews appear randomly.


I don't know how to put this, but it was really bad made. First, the design could be better. Quality of the graphics etc.

Poorly programmed. Your medals aren't registred in the system, so your users only get medals with 0 points.

You could easily put more reviews for question and they could be presented better.

I think you should look through my review and think of it as constructive and to help you further.

Hacsev responds:

How could you say you hated the graphics. They're from this site, or do you actually hate newgrounds? It doesn't matter if the medals are approved, that is TomFulp who approves them. At least they are working. There would be more reviews in the 2nd version.

Needs Improvement

The graphics are nice, but I don't like how the reviews are laid out, nor how the buttons kind of move up and down. Setting them up such that the button is in the same place every time would have been nice, and I would have also liked having the number question I was on displayed. I had no idea how long the quiz was, so I didn't know when I would get my score or medals or anything!

The sound was also kind of obnoxious and repetitive, and the grading system is oftentimes a matter of opinion, as review mods have mentioned that they interpret the rules differently. For instance, I currently have a Deity whistle, yet I only was awarded a Silver whistle upon completing this quiz. Coop is a mod... Refer to his review for more info.

I like what you are doing here.

Now I really had no real issue that we may have disagreed on some of the concerns behind these reviews. What I'm happy about is the point you put across with this game. Many of us tend to let abusive reviews slip on by without judging them whatsoever. I even admit I don't try to acknowledge them, but I have always seen them as a nuisance.

Also this shows that we really should post things more relavent to the subject of the flash/art/audio/whatever and try to help construct the author's view and ability by inserting constructive criticism and not hateful messaging, stupid remarks, or idiotic absurdities.

Now I'm not sure exactly how you graded the scores, but I suggest that we don't worry whether a review is helpful or not. Seeing how this is the 'abusive review game' we should focus only on catagorizing if a review is abusive or not and leave out the determination of whether it is helpful or not, that is all a matter of opinion, but as for the abuse....that is something clearly stated in the rules.

Nice game. 7/10 and 3/5.


Okay, so I guess that some of the things in there we disagree on, but that might be that my opinions of helpful / unhelpful and those that are borderline abusive do kind of blend together under the circumstances.

That said, you've done a good job here - I'd personally suggest that you give people more of a breakdown of why they were right or wrong over each review, thus making it more of a public service announcement than a game, but I still think it would get the message across.

Perhaps you'd like to discuss with me via PM about the specific answers - hell, I may be a Review Moderator, but on balance, there are times when the mods themselves disagree over whether a review is abusive, useless or even helpful, while some people would ban, others would merely delete the review in question, so it is up for interpretation.

I particularly like the new "Endless Handbag" remix that accompanies this game, though the option to have vanilla Endless Handbag should be there.

[Review Request Club]

Hacsev responds:

I'll be sure to contact you once I decide to make a second one. At first, I was going to give an explanation of why it was/wasn't abusive, but I had no time for that, I'll add it to the second one, no doubt on that.

The song at first was the Endless Handbag loop, but I figured I have been using it too much on my flashes, so I chose the next best thing!