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Reviews for "The Abusive Review Quiz"


i thought it was a unique idea. could you please pm me how to get the easter egg and cheat? i can't figure it out..

Hacsev responds:

Done and done.

A great game

good game I wish I could make flash I have so many ideas but don't no how to do anyway great game and good medals

Not to be "that guy", but..

Can you PM me where the Weebl is?

Hacsev responds:


great game

i got to the bronze medal before i gave up and used bowser231 cheat. great game but i think 9 and 16 are abusive but overall good game

secret medals

I saw in hes medal list what those 2 secret medal's are..for one you must find a secret easter egg(100) and for the second you must for the second you must try to cheat on the game(50) but I don't know how to do those 2 things