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Reviews for "The Abusive Review Quiz"

great game

i got to the bronze medal before i gave up and used bowser231 cheat. great game but i think 9 and 16 are abusive but overall good game

secret medals

I saw in hes medal list what those 2 secret medal's are..for one you must find a secret easter egg(100) and for the second you must for the second you must try to cheat on the game(50) but I don't know how to do those 2 things


Acceptable.Needs Some work through...I used an walkthru...Someone knows what is the secret medal who the worth is 100 points and what i need to do to get it?/??

This Game Deserves Abusive Reviews

It's one thing for a game to try to teach me something while I am playing it, but what this game tried to teach me was not the least bit meaningful, rather, it was lecturing me on the importance of being earnest in my review, and that is why this game sucks.

It's one thing to ask me to be reasonable when I pass judgment on a game and leave it an informative opinion for other people to consider in their process, but
for "The Abusive Review Quiz," I cannot help but find to be utterly whiny in it's overall tone, a game that tries to appeal to me in a way that is simplistic and boring. It's one thing to respond to the haters, whiners, flamers, Nazis, racists, 4channers, and other such refuse that lurk the internets and to give them their just desserts by ousting them from the discussion entirely, but what a lot of users on Newgrounds don't know is that the "abuse" button can be used to throw out reviews that people just don't find desirable because it besmirches their beloved flash. It's one thing to claim that my reviews are useless if they don't say exactly what people WANT to read or spoonfeed them cheats and walkthroughs, it's no skin off my nose. But it is incredibly lame to claim I'm being "abusive" when my review is not in standing with what the rabid fans think I should say. Take Salad Fingers, for instance. I thought the latest episode of Salad Fingers just plain sucked. It sucked so bad that I could help but succinctly state that the episode was a turd, because, if you watch that piece of shit, that's what it was. But rather than get a response from the author telling me at the very least "You just don't get the complexities and idiosyncracies of my surrealism," my review gets pegged as "abusive," because the fans, and surely enough, the creator himself, just can't take the heat of criticism. Look, if you're gonna make art, and present it to other people, you WILL get a response, and it's quite foolish of the artist to expect universal positivity. I have infinitely more respect for an artist that takes the reviews and turns them on their heads (something Hacsev attempted, but failed, at doing) in a creative and interesting way. This particular flash, I find, would have come off a little bit better if the artist made it into a movie instead of an unentertaining quiz used for the sake of sensitivity training.

Now that my kvetching is done, allow me to reprint the gist of Bowser231's insanely helpful review. Enjoy the easy medals, y'all!

23313331213121223231(in order,so on 1st question its useless,2nd abusive...)
Click the middle icon on bottom(looks like angry faic) (+10 pts)
Right click,the click you cheater!(+50 pts)


I think 9th review is abusive.
I think 16th review is abusive too.

Overall Poor

The music was a little bit irritating for me after a while but that's mostly a personal problem so it won't be included in the review. My real problem stems from the design of the game. Yes it's informative but that's fails to justify the way the game was laid out.

I'm not going to rate it based on the effort put into making it, as you said it was a 10 hour challenge.. Fine. The little exclamation point in the triangle at the top right. What it did is a mystery until you click on it... And then realize you restarted the game. Maybe not so important because the game is short but still poor design. Yes Newgrounds provides a guide to understanding whether or not something is abusive or a poor review, but the game itself should include a passage or two about it too. Without the game explicitly aiming to explain how to identity a review being good or poor this is only informative through inference, taking the credibility of reviews that state the power of this game comes directly from being informative down a notch or two. In addition the content of the reviews werent varied enough and as a result some of the gray posts or posts that give users a guide through the game were undefined... Not to mention that the game gives no option to see how you're doing during the course of the game so you know exactly which reviews you rated correctly.

The graphics were... Well it looked as though most of the icons were copy pasted in and the layout could have done with a good deal of work.

Lastly the design suffers an even larger problem in only allowing the medals gained from doing well to send on the first attempt. That is, this defeats the purpose of it being "Informative" altogether. If a player wants a high score they will look up a guide, learning what to hit on what review and learning nothing for themselves. Once a score is locked in a player will find they are unable to replay the game for the medals and improve their ability to rate, and find little reason in playing again as such. This seems to be counter intuitive to the design of the game as a whole.

The resend medal button was a good idea, however, it seems like this should be a standard in all games and was required in the context of this game's design in the end anyway. Because of this I don't feel a need to add rating based on this as it was something that should have been in the game to the start.