Reviews for "Patapon 4: Modern Warfare"

Well done!

Funny concept and hilarious animation. Especially funny for the fanboys. keep up the good work.


Meh, if PATAPON mixed with FPS, it would be Tapping missles while throwing frags in a rhythm. Awesome!

Otapon FTW!

Im still confused where the Snake vs Crab battle meme started.

mohawkade responds:

YouTube the following: Crab Battle. You can't miss it.

It even caught on with David Hayter (voice of Snake).


Noo it's just a preview, wish that it will be real :D

Kewl short

I've never played the Patapon games, but this was pretty funny.

PS, I'm suprised that Snake wasn't shooting the enemy crab in it's weak spot. Doesn't he know that does massive damage?