Reviews for "Patapon 4: Modern Warfare"

This is how humans are

Excellent parody! The sounds and graphics are super accurate, most having been taken directly from Patapon. I like the authentic feel that comes from using the original graphics. The angles and animation add an extra layer of professional polish to it.

The animation is pretty awful at times but good at others, which sounds odd but works really well - the scenes with the tree and mountain are animated in a very choppy, unnatural way that makes the Flash feel very low-budget and tacky, while other angles showing battles have nice slow-motion tweens that look excellent.

Overall I really enjoyed this Patapon parody. I didn't get much of a Modern Warfare vibe from it, plus the Metal Gear Solid reference at the end also seemed rather tacked on, but the meat and potatoes of the animation was funny as hell. The chainsaw part had me laughing uncontrollably.

This is should be made a game xD

man, i wish that was a real game.that looked awsome!!!!!!!

Nice animating skills and great story overall. I would never touch that game though; I hate modern warfare.