Reviews for "Patapon 4: Modern Warfare"


to bad psn is down cuz id realy buy that game <=[

LOL Otapon!

excellent animation dude, its like a real trailer , CRAB BATTLE! lol epic , we need more of these

How I would love this to be real D:

The whole scheme of this is awsome XD

Excellent parody.

I reckon this would actually make an amazing game, I loved the first two Patapon games. Nice animation, very funny, and overall a good idea. I would've liked to see some of the rhythm music gameplay though, perhaps modernised to sound like dubstep or metal or something. Great jawb!

Oh god...

Never played Patapon, never even played modern warfare... But the sheer fluid animations and the broadly funny jokes about various things certianlly makes this deserving of a high score... but just a tad short and well could have greatly expanded on the idea itself. CRAB BATTLE lol hope to see more soon.

mohawkade responds:

Don't plan to make anything related to this anytime soon, currently starting on new project and experimenting in Stereoscopic 3D.

Also keep in mind that it took 5 months to make those two minutes, would've shortened that time-frame if I was unemployed and not in school.