Reviews for "Patapon 4: Modern Warfare"

"More than perfect"

I think everyone wanted to see that baby mountain head exploding, i hate that a******

i'm no critic, but...

i have to agree with the guy below me, i've played patapon therefore, i got the joke, but u said there was nothing left to fight and then out comes this guy that they could fight. Then you brought snake out and totally said "fuck you" to the modern warfare bit, (which i thought was golden btw). sweet parody but the end didnt flow as well, perhaps another flash is in order to help you spend some more of that creative thinking.


Hahahaha Amazing..the tree was awesome :P

to faberfae

dear author the flash was very well done, but because Faverfae did not TRULY understand the reference at the end he rated you low. Favorfae what the author did was reference a flash that featured Solid snake getting maimed and killed by a Kenyan mangrove crab, and as he is being mutilated he repeatedly cries "crab battle". i ask that in light of this you would reconsider the rating you gave this video and if you are curious as to the flash i mentioned before i will more than happily give you a link via this site's messaging.

With Red Velvet Twinkies in hand

mohawkade responds:

Dunno whether you guys noticed this or not, but this flash has crabs....


nice patopon game, they distroyed everything, not fair, nice game though, nice