Reviews for "Stork Shot"

Great game, but the controls need work.

I like the premise of this game, as well as most of its implementation because it has just the right amount of ludicrous insanity needed. However, I think the ability to control your character with the arrow keys instead of the mouse wouldn't go amiss. Love the music, by the way.


you need some help my friend. Grand game but a little toooo wierd!

eh, not bad, but not great

Wasnt horrible... but i have one thing to say, make an option to change the quality of the game, not all of us newgrounders have high end, pentuple core processors with infinite ram and super video cards.

Also, how the hell do you control the dude?


Kudos to your sick, sick bastard minds for creating...whatever this is.

Truly unreal. My mind hurts.


That was...interesting.