Reviews for "Stork Shot"


Is it wrong that it gave me an erection?

Nice, but it's lags like a chines dial up modem...

The Game concept is new, and, I'm affraid to admit it, interesting. The graphics and animation are neet, but the final effect is torn apart by a G_I_G_A_N_T_I_C lag... my old 28 kbs made in china dial up modem was faster, and now on 100mbs the game goes slowa, as a politician leaving his office after lost elections...
Optimize the gane, and it's a sure 9 or 10!

Good, but..

I really like the game play. I found the controls to be hard to get used to, but really fun to use, and I especially liked the whale fighting bit. The only thing that I really don't like about this game is the story.


you need some help my friend. Grand game but a little toooo wierd!

Some issues...

Main issue is the erratic movement you do. Was evading most of the boss's attacks then suddenly moment I move the cursor somewhat off screen, my character jettisons himself smack into the fireballs.

Of the weapons, the machine/assault rifle is the best one with lack of time consuming reloading. Shotgun comes a good second with the spread... but the grenade launcher seems a bit overkill.

Should allow people some time to figure out the movement control.