Reviews for "Stork Shot"


Really cool game dude, i love it :)


I think it should have a mute button, there's a lot of games which don't have them and it's kind of annoying. But anyway I don't really like to bash since I'm not a programmer, and as far as it goes to the actual playing I thought the game was pretty cool. I'm the kind of guy who tells baby jokes so... Go figure.

Good game

Its a good game with a couple of problems
fun game
weapon diversity is always good
AWESOME soundtrack
controls are a little jerky and awkward to get used to because their inverted and once you do i found my self unable to move just a little bit over but flying all around the screen
Decision 8/10
A fun game that's a great time killer but awkward controls can be problematic

This games controls are fine

The arrow keys and un-inverted mouse controls would have been worse, how would you aim and move at the same time with only using the mouse?

People probably just suck at this game. The boss ISNT impossible at all.

The game, even though the concept was a little wierd, was still good overall

Alright job on this wasnt bad