Reviews for "Stork Shot"


Simply put, this is the most badass game in the world. I have seen a lot of games so please do not take that statement lightly. I think it was when I was spinning around in the air in massive circles shooting a firebreathing killer whale with my M-16 that I realized there is no game that has been more badass than this one.


simple yet so awesome, I love your games dude.


You dodge moving the cursor in the opposite direction. So if you want to move left your going to have to drag your cursor right vice versa


This is...FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!
I never felt so much pleasure in KILLING BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do I dodge?

Wow, this has to be one of the craziest games I have ever played simply because of all the dead babies! I have heard of them being used before, but this is ridiculous! The best part is probably how there are so many of them and it's easy to get a lot of kills. The thing that did annoy me was that it was simply impossible to dodge the fire blasts. I do not see any key telling me how to do that. I doubt I can and that's why the medal is hard to get. The graphics are still wonderfully done, though.

The coolest music was easily the pokemon remix. I never thought something like pokemon could make you pumped up to kill storks and blow up babies! At least the weapons were really cool to use. You had to be as spontaneous as the game was because there was little idea as to what was going on. I'm not sure if the killer whale counts as a space whale.