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Reviews for "Name that NG Character"

Nothing Great

As the below said some characters shouldn't have been in here. I also noticed you had some pictures of the characters that wouldn't resemble the character as everyone's seen him/her Nene for example, i almost didn't get it right because i never saw Nene like that.

Could be improved..ALOT.

very good

nice secret medal



Not fun and way too random

I don't know why, but you chose some good characters, and some completely arbitrary and unknown ones, and even some of the very popular ones are hard to tell based on the silhouette because it's not always the typical image. I have been frequenting NG for a few years now and I honestly didn't know half of these or more. Next time, pick mush more recognizable characters, and stick to the characters that actually have names, not completely random side characters like "cripple boy" and try to avoid using several characters that look alike, like the Castle Crashers.

Sorry, dude

Fun game, but gotta' say a lot of your character selections suck. No, offense, but, the guy from 99k does not deserve an entry, nor does the "hero" from burn the rope.