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Reviews for "Name that NG Character"

Good, buuuuuut..............

I disliked somethings
1. It's badly drawn dawg, not badly drawn dog.Get it right!
2. Some of the names were just wrong.Like assassin for a small favor ? Hero for you have to burn the rope ?Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!
3.The spacing problems,for lollypop I put Lolly pop and failed.
Other than those things, good job.

I'm naming for no reason!!

Meatboy, Marvin, Alloy, Pico, Darnell, Nene, Cat, Dad, Dad, Bitey, Paladin, Alien, Elephant, Canabalt, Domo, Dino, SaladFingers, Castlecat, Horse, Angryface, Rabbit, Rabbit, Cat, Edd, Blockhead, Strawberryclock, Johnny, Burntfaceman, Stickman, Charlie, Thingthing, Samuraiasshole, Bubbletank, PeaceTank, Clubby, Badger, Snake, Mushroom, Fishy, Circle, Square, Catface, Rabbit, Lollipop, Axe, Fist, Sword, Cuboy, Badlydrawndog, Penicorn, Chibiknight, Reemus, Satan, Mastermind, Timefcuk, Chocolateman, Crippleboy, Numanuma, Turtle, Thingthing, Shark, Snake, Animation, Linerunner, Skullkid, Hobo, MissDynamite, Monkey, Snowball, Sushicat, Weebl, Tank, Steve, Captain...

Pretty Much all I know!!

addicted to this game!!!

i play this game 24/7 it is amazing ,keep rocking!!

i love this game!

oh yeah! 10 points!i can't beilive i did not reveiw about this earlyer! this is great! i would play name that pokemon, but i am not a pokemon fan.

This is so fun

and it's addicting too!