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Reviews for "Name that NG Character"

I dont like some of these

some of these characters dont have names. like the thing out of 99k or waiting for the bus or the icons. And whats worse is you cant type numbers, so what is 99k's name? coz if you have made it up how are we supposed to guess

I love this game!!!

Because now i can actually test how much i know about Newgrounds most famous Flash Folks. And you also recommended some Flash movies in this game!!!

I love this!

I know them all, I just can't remember them all at one time!

But there's thing glitch where sometimes nothing shows up, and the hint says "undefined" in lowercase. Can you fix that, cuz its really annoying when I have a streak going on and it gets ruined because of that one problem...

NG knowledge improved

Very fun game, when I first started I had no clue what a good 90% of them were, I know the characters somewhat but I just sucked at it....after a few playthroughs though now I can get a perfect game everytime. Lots of fun and a good time killer, nice job.

wow cool!!!

this game awesome