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Reviews for "Name that NG Character"


its cool but one thing the achiefments say "# Pokemon captured" i dint know this where pokemon XD

I like it, but its not perfect.

really addicting (my brother watched me play from the couch and got more into it than i did) but the time limit is a bit hard to get. its hard to type "indestructotank" in the limit.

Caught 'em all

I had to find a guide sure, but this introduced me to some fun flashes (considering I've been on newgrounds for the time between Leo & Satan III and Leo & Satan IV). This list includes Blockhead, Burnt Face Man, and, one that I'm ashamed to say for not knowing about it MUCH earlier, There She Is! So thank you Jeff, for I now know about some great flash videos I didn't know about earlier.


Some of the silhouettes are really confusing

46 and im giving up

i know i missed samurai and maybe a few but most have no effing names ffs how am i supposed to know theyre nameS?????? ive been a loyal nger for like dunno when it started and most chars make me go wdf is that? even tho i played and viewed almost everything ng can offer me exept the shitty fake stuff like the kittykrew makes all in all nice game shame most chars have no name maybe u made names up maybe u need to spell em real weirdly or wutever :3 ima play and rate all ur games