Reviews for "Magi: The Fallen World"


I always like to try to get the highest stats and best skills, but in this game, I'm not sure if that's possible. I have a stat at 246 and a skill at level 13, and I'm pretty sure both can go higher. I think this game is actually endless, as in you can continue to play and build your character forever. You can find skillbooks and boost points into your stats forever.

I do have a few complaints. First off, the stats screen doesn't really give any helpful information. "Evasion rate: 204" 204 what? Obviously it's not percent, but what does 204 mean? Also, my damage is currently 736-1104 with 190 elemental damage, and I rarely get even 200 damage per hit. Shouldn't "minimum damage" mean exactly what it says? "At the very worst, this is the lowest damage you will ever see."

Additionally, and I'm not taking points off for this... why is the Ranger available on Armorgames but not Newgrounds? This version of the game makes it look like you have to play on AgeOfGames to get the third class, but you don't.

Randomly-generated dungeons are great, but why do I have to quit the game to make them repopulate? Leaving the dungeon should make it repopulate.

I have to ask... why did you include the limited field of vision in the dungeons? It doesn't make the game more engaging, it only makes it more annoying. You have to click three places to travel to a place you could have clicked if you could have seen it.

what the heck!?

A quest asks me to scout lvl 2 on Zinatsu but that dungeon doesnt exist on that island. Know I can screw my lvl36 warrior and start all over again

veewen responds:

You can scroll the island map with your arrow keys. Try looking around.

Too long to.... [Please Wait Loading...]

It took way too long to load for a game that ended out being kind of repetative. You dun good, except the wait. But hey, that could just be my computer, so don't take that too harshly, kay bro? :D

gets boring

pls make it better and it will rock

it gets boring after awhile

its hard to find better equipment. on the first island i got too strong, yet not strong enough for the legendary and on the second island the creatures were the same creatures on the first island.