Reviews for "Magi: The Fallen World"


i cant attack!!!

Very nice

As a huge Diablo fan I can't help adoring this game :) First island is quite linear as far as I reached but we'll see :) In overall good job at making game that ate last four hours of my life, without me noticing it ;p

-When i changed the controls - controls broke in tutorial battle.
-I hate when classes are bound to gender. Why ??
-Animation of melee attacks isn't good.
-Total Facerolling
-Warrior is most profitable, because strengh increase the inventory - disbalance to mage.

What i liked - music and gameplay.

Executed great but lacks a good concept

You did a great job on design and coding. Also the endless weapons you created. But the gameplay is boring. I played it a few hours now I admit, but also because I hoped for more to come and ... well the story, the most important thing on RPGs for me, started nice and melodic but went downhill on an instant.
Make the game faster, espacially the battles. Or you let the game remain slow but add enough story and brainfuck so the player is willing to do it.

I tried to play trough, knowing that i feel like wasting my time, but the inner urge a a gamer to ""beat a game" was puching me on. A game designer doesn´t want that the players only play on becausee of that unsatisfieing feeling.
Moreover ... that wasn´t even enough, I decided to finaly give up.

As I said: it is mainly the concept itself that is the problem. There could be increddible games made by you in no time, if you work on that.


its a good game, also good if you have nothing to do.. at first, i thought this game look stupid, but i played it for hours and enjoyed it.. there are some things that is boring or bad but tolerable.. right now i have a lvl44mage, having a hard time killing Legendary Rhino lvl2 Zuniste.. also tried sandbox game with lvl26 warrior.. and 1 char dead for clicking sandbox + the all boss + hardcore..

what i liked about this game and kept me going :
- items and stats.. so many to choose from,so many to experiment on..
- quest
- every island gets harder, i swear i was gonna die of boredom in 1st island then i went to the 2nd island, i got owned..

what i don't like in this game but tolerable :
- killing monsters over and over again the same way.. i wish there was a room where monster spawn non-stop.. no items just exp..
- no stash
- small place when battling monsters..
- this game forces you to place stats on everything.. i don't know if its true but why would a warrior need intellect just to wear equipment??

what i don't like in this game :
- no archer.. :D
- skills can only be leveled up if you get the items.. .. .. you may go to the next room and level and etc but some monsters even the weak and boring ones drop those skill items..

i wish that items would be segregated more.. selling and browsing for all of those armors and items in inventory is giving me a headache..

hmm, dunno what to say anymore..