Reviews for "Zee & The Alien Machine"

This is great!

i especially like the fact that there is a new alien every time.


I liked this one. It wasn't too difficult and the puzzles were entertaining most of the time. None of the items were really hidden in annoying areas and were really easy to find.

The only thing I can suggest for improvement is some improvements to the interface in terms of combining items. I guess the way you have it now discourages people from just trying every possible combination and breezing past the puzzles without much thought but I would have liked being able to drag items ontop of one another to combine them as opposed to putting them in the combining slots. But that's just me and it really doesn't matter very much.

Also the fact that the main character is technically a self insertion. But that's just a personal peeve and doesn't matter too much here either I guess.The game was pretty fun.

Also what's the name of the dance song that's played when you use the MP3 player after hooking it up to Alex's computer? I looked at DAVIDS' little site and couldn't find it, so either it's not there or I'm really stupid or something.


Fun game! But what the hell is the Achievements for? Who cares, awesome game.


Theres a button under the advertisemnt that says close... if you press it... the ad goes away... then theres a play button... click it...


This is really a great game!!! Haha, I'm really impressed with the game.