Reviews for "Zee & The Alien Machine"


I found the need to use the walk-through very annoying, I needed it to figure out that the balloon was not a wilted flower and that one of the objects on Alex's machine was a hotdog... visually and audially the game was rather well done. But the annoyance factor of hunt the pixel or watch a walkthrough ruined it for me.


good game but needs a little improvement 6/10


i cant make cyndi dance even wen im started the dance musik

ClickShake responds:

She needs a little something besides music to inspire her to dance.

Nice game, but...

If you combine the cologne bottle with beer the cologne bottle turns into a beer bottle then an empty cup if you drink it. I got stuck at that point with ever vote except Richard's.

ClickShake responds:

Thanks for catching that! I'll fix that in an updated version. Sorry you ran into the bug. You'll have to clear your save to beat the game now.


I can't believe I haven't seen this game on the front page before now!

The game was pretty fun, I played some alternate endings - I don't feel like replaying the whole game from the beginning just to get all the endings.

P.S. Is Jagg... "Leberkleifter" really illegal somewhere? I remember drinking a test tube full of it (a strange advertising campaign; don't ask) and it wasn't _that_ strong...