Reviews for "Zee & The Alien Machine"


Great game, I had lots of fun going through the story there. It was original and funny! Guess I'll have to just wait for the next Reemus to hear more out of you.

On a side note: all these comments about the last achievement... hasn't anyone tried MOUSING OVER it? It says plain as day "Replay from menu until you have killed every guest once"

Not that complicated guys.

Great game

Nice funny game...like someone said, its a shame about no medals, but thats a minor point...great story and animation, very funny..

I've looked for awhile on google for the 4th ending and no one seems to know how to get it?!?!? I wonder has anyone here......???

Anywayz keep em coming Zeebarf...good stuff :)

5 Star

This game is sooooo much fun!! Keep it coming! =D


now i got the big star endin g and i was NOT expecting that! funny and very great

omg its a alien

i got 3 of the endings how do i get the massacre one

yes i looked at the walkthough.

i agree the achievements need to be medals

keep up the good games