Reviews for "Zee & The Alien Machine"

This is a really good adventure game - it has multiple endings which add replay value which is rare and unusual for an adventure game. I have played this many times in many websites. One of the best adventure games in internet, mostly rivaled only by other games from these developers

Characters, dialoge, humor, puzzles and Solutions - all superb!

Even though I've played this plenty of times before, this is a still great game. I have to say that the all of the endings are pretty good (including the six "alien" ones despite essentially being the same), especially the last one since that's the funniest. Also, getting all of the achievements are pretty fun too, so you definitely did a great job on this game.

Great game, but there has to be a rule for the assholes constantly ruining the ending in the comments. Seriously.

whats hot dog replacemen?

This guy is a douchebag and I can't stand to play as him. "I need to kiss all these people's asses because they can further my career and not because they're friends, and because I'm using my behavior as leverage to get them to vote for me". I'm givin' up now, not knowing what the hell I'm supposed to give to the dumb blonde who wants something "strong" and an energy drink mixed together. Apparently it's not vodka or rum, as if rye is any stronger than those. Geez, vodka is basically frigging lighter fluid you bimbo, what would you call stronger than that, you want a cup of gasoline? Tired of jumping through hoops to get something I suspect is going to be underthrilling and totally not worth it.