Reviews for "TW. The Purple Menace"

Great addition to the last game

http://www.gamezhero.com/online-games /strategy-games/tentaclewarsthepurple menace-games.html?level_id=471311e11c 31d5596be211953b13719b

my lvl :D


Dear Failures Who Rate Zero "Because the Screen is Black",

Update your God-damned Flash Player. Duh.


Love it!

Love TW !
But need more levels, and i actually found the fiirst game more challenging that this one? Try make Bigger, better microbes, HUGE ones. Add more enemies, and other challenges.
Great game overall though!

Great game!!!

I had so much fun with this game, but why didn't I get my medals for completing levels 19 and 20? It took me forever...

both of your games are well made

nothing is overpowered and the regeneration is well timed with attacking

i also like the fact that you should be weaker when attacking from a distance