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Reviews for "Fat Warrior 2"

I am stuck. A bug?

I really like your game and I give it a 9 so far. Really easy to lose time on and very entertaining.

I seem to be stuck a bit after I received the Ice Wand. After freezing the dark knight and putting him on the block I reach a room with 3 levers who have utterly no effect when I shoot all 3 of them. The door on the left side does not open.

(This is after I quit the game and returned with all the monster revived, maybe it has something to do with this?)

would really appreciate help in here.

this was a fun game

i could not beat the first level!!!!!

like this game is way too complicated for me... you need to tone it down a bit!!

I felt that the sounds weren't that great either.. better work on that

Not bad.

This game was rather entertaining, other than the sticky keys issue, but it wasn't very prevalent, and typically only involved me losing one heart. Very rarely I died due to sticky keys, but since the player has endless lives, it's not a big deal. I do have a few suggestions, though. First of all, it's possible to walk left while facing right, but it's not possible to do that with any other opposite-directional combination; either allow that behaviour for all combinations or none. Also, I found that the crossbow was kind of variable in its behaviour; sometimes I could shoot bolts as fast I could hit the fire button, and sometimes I was limited to a certain firing speed. I thought that it might be based on the level of my skill, but skill level doesn't seem to affect firing speed. Additionally, the inability to shoot in eight directions is pretty annoying; if I can walk in any direction, why can't I shoot in any direction? It sort of makes sense not to allow the stick to do this, since it has a wider area of attack, but limiting the crossbow to only four directions is a little frustrating at times, especially when you have to sometimes be pixel-perfect with your aim to hit something.

Another problem I noticed was the strange interaction between the environment, the player, and projectiles. I can shoot over the spikes, but I can't fly over them without instantly dying? Also, why can't I shoot or fly over bushes, but I can fly over pots? When the player is on a level of terrain higher than the level below, his bolt is somehow blocked by an invisible wall at the edge of the terrain; the crossbow bolt shouldn't impact anything if fired from higher ground.

I think my final complaint is about the map... it's pretty much useless. I'm stuck in the game at the moment, and I don't know where to go. I've gone through the left, right, and downward paths multiple times, getting all the forks I can see, but I still haven't found all 13. If there was a better map, or at least an indicator to show where uncollected forks existed, it would actually be helpful. As a sidenote, even though I collected one fork after the vampire boss and still don't have them all, after I beat them, I was given a dialogue that said something to the effect of "Now that I have all the sacred forks, I can free my parents." The game just kind of assumes you have all 13 forks at that point, which is a poor assumption to make.

Overall, a decently fun game to play, although I can't play it to the end due to being at a loss for where to find the fork(s) I'm missing. I can't say it's anything out of the ordinary, but that doesn't stop it from being an enjoyable game.

Good game.

Good came. Kept me entertained for a while. Doesn't really stand out much, but it's well put together.

Solid game

Well put together, and easy to lose time in.