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Reviews for "Fat Warrior 2"

ok game, could use improvements.

ok here's the deal, it's a good game, with good combat and graphics, a somewhat interesting story and cool exploration and feel. The upgrades are cool, and I like all the different weapons and items you can choose from.
The bad about this game is unfortunately a lot. I'm not a fan of controls where you only have 4 directions of movement, it makes certain things when nimble movement is essential a hassle. I'm not a fan of the flight either. Flying was a bitch, I didn't think it was too bad until I happened upon the dragon boss which I basically beat out of sheer luck that my arrows actually hit him. The level of health and damage you have and w/e is good, but I felt at some points that if it's the last area and I have like a level 5 weapon, shouldn't I be able to kill monsters I've seen before more easily? The upgrades were nice, but they would have been better had they given more of a boost to damage. I also found it quite unfair that you could freeze or stun monsters and yet when you're trying to get close to them to attack or pass by them when you touch them you take damage. That's honestly stupid. Next problem I had was with the speed of enemy attacks, especially with the dragon boss, and the apes. With the dragon boss, like I said, I could hardly beat him because for one thing, his attacks are so fast I can hardly move and shoot. The apes are just stupid. One is ok, even two in the same room is ok, but the fact that they can 1. hit you with the shockwave behind walls and pillars and 2. The fact that they attack so fast it's very hard to coordinate jumping and stunning and attacking made it very hard to kill 3 in the same room. The freezing mechanics also sucked, I didn't like the fact that when you freeze something it flies across a room, that made the last part before the final boss with the two knights incredibly annoying. Switching through weapons back and forth on certain points was also annoying, that calls for a hotkey, or a magic way to combine a few weapons in one. Hedgehog was also pretty useless after you use it those 2 times or w/e, because you can't attack or anything.

All in all, this game was ok, I liked some stuff about it, but I also didn't like a lot of stuff. It's true I did not finish the game, I got to the last boss and gave up after 5 deaths because I had no clue wtf I was supposed to do (another thing is lack of the cutscenes with the lines telling you what to do when it's actually important), but ultimately if you're a good player you should still not have to die 200 times to beat one part or one boss, I'm sure it turned a lot of people off and it doesn't even make logical sense; I could even be happier dying 150 times, but not 200 times or however many hundreds of times I died.

good game

Its a good game... here is a guide how to do the Moonwalk:hold D while holding A :P


Seriously if your going to have a game about a fat guy with wings try to avoid randomly disappearing platforms! I must have died 20 times before giving up on the dragon since even the main platforms seem to disappear on their own! Even trying to land a few shots and save became a chore! And how many does it take with a level 5 crossbow? WTF

Hated the game!

One petty annoyance is the basis of combat.

Graphics = good. Sound = good. Enemies = good.

Dying for the umpteenth time because when I try to get close enough to hit = very bad. Especially when that's the main way to combat enemies. More so, the ONLY way to defeat the last boss.

That, and the player's position is hard to substantiate. I died too many times because I thought I'd land on a platform only to find I'm one pixel off and fall down.

The ending was very diappointing too. I'm HOPING I got the BAD ending and I'm 6 forks away from something worthwhile.

Nice game, feels like a classic arcade rpg.

Artwork - 3/3
A 3D art with a 3/4 view is hard to do decently in a flash game from my experience. You pull it off well with only one real spot that the camera works against you. Through the gauntlet bit of the castle, you can't see where the pits actually begin so it makes it tough to get your loot from the sorcerer.

Gameplay - 3/5
The game plays nice, simple, but doesn't feel repetitive. There are a couple of spots where the game had a drastic hit in frame rate. I think it's because the spawning of a lot of coins/orbs at once with movable objects like the chairs. My two major complaints with the gameplay stem from the same source. When fighting the mecha, the hit detection on the fight is poor. Most the time when the swing would hit the mecha in the gears or the body it wasn't detected, and I was usually hit in retaliation.
My other criticism is the inability to return to town when at the final boss. Even after beating the game you still cannot return to town or another level due to the door closing. A message warning the player that they cannot return to other levels or go back to town to purchase any remaining upgrades is warranted, I would think. I do not like the idea that I need to restart the whole game just to search for a missing fork or buy the one last upgrade for the achievement.
A simple solution would be allowing the player to go back to any level they've completed, or just the town, via the map.

Audio - 2/2
The sound effects fit and weren't overdone to the point of detracting or being distracting; the music loop, while a little short for my tastes, was long enough to not feel like it was just slapped on at the last moment.