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Reviews for "Fat Warrior 2"


The ads are shown only when the games loads new level. Show the ADS will not slow down the level loading in any ways. The alternative would be to show an empty screen. I really don't know where is the problem.

better then the first

better then the first but still sort of annoying to target especially with the crossbow

This could have been awesome

But since you got ads popping up frequently, disrupting the gameplay. You get no more than 1.
Get those fucking ads out of the game, Seriously what were you thinking?


The game alone would grant you 4-6 out of 10. its medicore but keeps me busy for about 20 minutes.
but the ads... seriously. i understand that many flash programers are trying to make a living here but this is not a "game with adds" its the fucking opposite!
it is adds with eventual game!
how this gained over 3:43 rating? did you payed like 100 users with 40+lvl to vote-bump you?

No. Just no.

It's bad enough that ads pop up every few minutes, but they would leave me in an entirely different area, meaning I had to watch more ads to get back to what I was doing.

You should be ashamed.