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Reviews for "Fat Warrior 2"

Good Game

Its a good game overall great concept but sometimes the controls stick and the character would end up running one way or end up not moving at all. Its not that annoying but when i have to turn around to hit an enemy i end up running down the map or not attacking at all. Overall great game.

Last Boss

I had a really hard time figuring this one out, so I thought some people might like to read it.

How to beat last boss:
Part 1: Hit him with your stick a few times. Try not to get shocked and avoid Skinny when he charges you. After a few hits, he will go back to the oil barrels to refuel. While he's refueling, hit him with a flaming stick.
Part 2: Hit him again with your stick a few times, except instead of charging you, Skinny will jump and send out shockwaves. Wait for him to refuel at the oil barrels and attack him with the flaming stick.
Part 3: Keep hitting him, this time he'll send out homing missiles which you just outrun. When he goes back to the barrel for a third time, hit him with a flaming stick and you will have won.

good game but...

Is there a way to play the levels again after you beat the final boss? I played him and beat him but there was things i hadn't done yet, and now it seems i would have to start all over just to go do them? If i click continue I start right before the final boss like i never beat him and there is no way to go back because of the locking door.

FoofaStudios responds:

No, it's not possible to play after the final boss. The story ends with the final artworks explaining the truth :-)
But FW3 is in our minds! ;-)

loved it but..

I loved the pretty much everything with it, imo. the best game on newgrounds for a long time.. BUT.. inside draculas castle.. the part when you can't turn back into human form.. after the 3 spikes room there is a save point.. well i saved.. then i got swarmed by 3 vampires.. i died and respawned.. but i respawned between the 3 vampires and the save point and can't move.. i just die over and over again... too bad, I really wanted to finish this game.

FoofaStudios responds:

I UnitAlpha... in that case try to exit the game and return to the main menu. Then click "continue": enemies should spawn far enough from you...


I really liked the design. We don't get enough games like this.
The only thing I didn't care for was the achievements. I will never be bored enough to kill 200 enemies just to light up an icon in the achievements screen.
On another note, I don't get why some reviewers are giving low ratings because they died too much. This game isn't even hard. Fans of actually challenging games might even find it too easy.