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Reviews for "Hierarchical"


Anyways, good game to be a pixel one, however, the hitbox of the spaceship is too big, while the enemies' hitbox is smaller.
Also the sound is good, but becomes a bit repetitive and boring after a while.
Any hints for the secret medal?


pixels..love pixels...u know what i love more than pixels?pixel spaceships!

I'd been waiting to see this!

Good job! People can whine about your style all they want, but I've noticed the more you make, the more your work improves. You keep at it, and you're just gonna get more and more awesome. Can't wait to see more from you sir!

Magical-Zorse responds:

Why thank you, madam.


Interesting game, always love the retro style.
One thing that kind of got onto my nerves was the fact that bullets hit you even if they pass close to you, for the rest, i liked the soundtrack and the space impact style enemies.

nig nigz

nig nigz
home boy
you shouldve made this gamme have more funniez
u know
like KFC and purple drank?
ya u know
i know u know
now make another one
or ur bike is gone tommorow

Magical-Zorse responds:

This is quite possibly the best review anyone has ever made on one of my submissions.