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Reviews for "Hierarchical"

Well I think it's great

Not too long, not too short. Easy but hard. I like that it's not so easy it's laughable but it's not so hard you tear out your hair. I even managed to get the secret medal (without cheating) which is a great achievement for me. Heck I liked it so much I wrote a medal guide. If anyone's stuck just check out my (only) note. Great game, good music, I really like it. And I like how it fires at an angle when you go up/down. It really helped with the bosses (when you're stuck in a corner and have a second, maybe, to move around before he fires the next shot).

Not much new here...

The one thing I love about this is that when your ship is tilted up your shots go up at an angle, and likewise for down. Tilt in general struck me as something new.

Other than that...aside from health, the power-ups are worthless. Go back and look at some classics - spread fire, missiles, bombs, lasers. The enemies and bullets occupy too much screen real estate at any given time, or too little. The bosses are boring, the levels are boring. Well-done shooters actually code the levels for challenge, they aren't random. And what do the cars do? Where are the tanks?

Mediocre to bad

The presentation is about the only thing it has going for it. The graphics are charming, the music is nice, and the instructions are amusing. But the game itself kind of sucks

First, your ship's hitbox is far too big. Avoiding bullets is distinctly difficult to do with any regularity, somewhat defeating the whole point of a shmup. Second, there's no autofire, or even burst fire. Mashing X IS NOT FUN. Worst, the controls are floaty. Shmups are all about precision, taking that away leave nothing. And the game is built with the assumption that the player is struggling with controls; it's easy even on hard

The game is generally poorly designed. Enemy placement is entirely random, making the stage portions rather monotonous. The bosses aren't much better, simply repeating the same attack over and over. And the only boss that has a difficult attack is the second

Oh, and the powerup. I'm not certain getting the firepower effect does anything. Regular enemies die in one shot regardless, and the bosses all seemed to take the same number of shots to go down

Magical-Zorse responds:

The firepower powerup makes you shoot faster

Easy overall

It's a fun little time waster, but the entire thing is pretty easy, even on hard mode, I never died.

You need to put more urgency to the idea that you have to fight these big swarms of enemies, I found myself evading the thick of their forces, and sniping at the top or bottom.

Also, the second boss is the hardest, the third boss is actually the easiest one, I evaded every shot.

Anyways, it was obvious this game wasn't supposed to be a widespanning epic, it's a good little game and does what it does well.

Really Cool

I liked the style, the song, the instructions xD, the movement of the plane almost everything, but the bosses... you should remake them :( especially the final one, to much easy compared to the game at all

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