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Reviews for "Hierarchical"

yeah not bad lol

it decent but ive played alot of games like it

Great Game

You did an awesome job in making this great. I like the Medals for this game

Can't Fit on a T-Shirt, Either.

I hate the presentation with a passion. It is the thing that should not be. For a flying shooter game, the word "Hierarchical" does not really come to mind. But I suppose "Pompous Donkey Rimmer Airliner" can't fit in the Newgrounds Flash Submission form.

Another thing I despise is that when you lift the nose of your machine, you shoot at an angle. Who does that? Maybe for realism this is okay, but this is another one of those meaninglessly pixelated flash games where everything is in boxes. Boxes! Far be it to consider that realistic. Flash's claim to fame is its functionality and emphasis on vectors for smaller-sized games. I know this one doesn't surpass 1 MB but I'm sure this game would be smaller if characters were rendered in vectors. Anyway, thanks to that angle-fire bullshit half of your shots made while dodging are pulled off target.

It's a shooter. Yippie. One of the really sucky ones.

Magical-Zorse responds:

Everything is made of boxes


Nice game, I made 4th place on easy ^_^