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Reviews for "Hierarchical"

Fun & Enjoyable

This was a solid shooter game you made here,i liked the vintage graphics with the pixelated style and the control was good though a bit stiff at times and precise with the shooting,i loved the music and thought it fit very well and the difficulty wasn't too hard even on hard mode,overall i had fun for a good 30 minutes or so on this game and i think you did a great job so keep up the good work. :)

Oh awesome.

I love pixels, just as the next person who does does. And this game is supar sweet. Too bad I forgot to log in before getting all the medals >_< xD

Nice amount of detail

This was a nice game to play because it was simple with its style but still not an easy game. I am surprised at myself for managing to get past the first boss the first time I tried on hard mode! The music is also nice and sets a good tone. I think there might be something wrong with the bullets, because they keep just jumping around everywhere. I suppose that might be part of hard mode. Whatever the reason, this is still a playable game and one that I would recommend.

I can understand why the medals are not worth that much, as the game is not hard. I seem to have died and not received that medal. Oh well, this is good for a quick play because you get a good clear look at what is coming ahead of you and can prepare yourself. While not the most detailed, it does not have to be elaborate to be playable. Not one of your best games, but still good.

Great Game

I liked it a lot, the graphics are so good (I luv the pixels) the music was so catchy and the controls were so easy.The only bad thing is the movement of your ship,if it dont move the gun up or down it would be better to play. I give you a 9/10 and 5/5

Not fantastic but...

4 extra points for the introduction! I don't know if most flash games are written by non-english-speakers or 14-year-olds, or both, but it was refreshing to read something that, well, I could understand.

The game was OK. Like some people said, tilt was nice. I though I'd get minus points for shooting the cars though, I mean, what were they doing to me?