Reviews for "Interlocked"

Great Game!

Green-yellow block glitch on Level 17--it went "into" the black block and moved through other blocks when trying to put it back into place.

Really cool puzzles altogether though.

Good, but...

Level 14 glitched right out on me, I could slide the blocks right through each other, even though it's physically impossible.

an amazing game

Very well made, thought-provoking, fun! No glitches.

Puzzling buzzling

Game is fairly good, I do like tangible puzzles because you can more easily rotate and zoom and "feel" in reality.

these can be added:

- Semi or full Transparency while choosing a block or zooming ability,
- X Y Z Snaps or snap rotation
- A Front, top, bottom, left, right orthographic view may help people to use mouse more precisely.
- Invert colors option to play at night, or a just edge neon like glowing parts
- Left / right button choice instead of space bar

Keep up the goodwork!

Fun and challenging

I it me, or are these MUCH easier than real 3d block puzzles?