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Reviews for "Interlocked"

Good, but...

Level 14 glitched right out on me, I could slide the blocks right through each other, even though it's physically impossible.

an amazing game

Very well made, thought-provoking, fun! No glitches.

Puzzling buzzling

Game is fairly good, I do like tangible puzzles because you can more easily rotate and zoom and "feel" in reality.

these can be added:

- Semi or full Transparency while choosing a block or zooming ability,
- X Y Z Snaps or snap rotation
- A Front, top, bottom, left, right orthographic view may help people to use mouse more precisely.
- Invert colors option to play at night, or a just edge neon like glowing parts
- Left / right button choice instead of space bar

Keep up the goodwork!

Fun and challenging

I it me, or are these MUCH easier than real 3d block puzzles?

not bad

fun and challanging. only problem is that if this were a real game id be burning #9 with a blowtorch