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Reviews for "Interlocked"


Wheres the "slam repeatedly against ground" button??

Not bad, but not great either.

First, I was geeked to see this game. I've always been a fan of puzzles like this. And really, I wanted to love this game. The first few levels weren't too bad and all was fine. Like another reviewer though, I found myself stuck on more than one occasion - not because I couldn't figure the puzzle out, but because the block needed to be moved a millimeter further than I had done it. The first time I laughed at myself, but the by the 10th time of this happening it was frustrating. The controls themselves weren't that great and I think it would be better to have an option to click on in order to choose which direction you wanted to move the block (ie: horizontally, vertically, etc) rather than fighting with the blasted arrow thing. The space bar bit got mildly annoying and, for me at least, I found that the tool would switch back and forth seemingly at random. I'm sure I was doing something to make this happen, but I never did figure out what it was. Also, and this isn't a complaint but more of an observation, but don't bother playing this with a laptop track pad. Thankfully it saves because I restarted levels more than once because a slip of the hand which resulted in clicking on a link outside the game.

My only other critique would just be the puzzles themselves. Same as before, they started off great, but the final few were less puzzle and more "randomly move blocks and hope it works" because you actually can't see what it is you're trying to solve. The puzzles are on the inside and you end up trying to move the pieces around until you get lucky in some cases. Still, there are some great ones in there that required a lot of brain power to work around and are quite clever.

I really hope there's a second one and these little things are addressed. Really, it's just issues with sensitivity I think and the controls and how you're using them. With a couple tweaks, I think this could be an excellent game.

great game

this is a great puzzle game you know it's good too focas your brain on something you know.

Very Good Brain-Teaser With Potential

There are games that truly deserve that rare 10 out of 10. Games that push the boundaries, are perfect in almost every way, that deserve to be on top until the next one comes along to knock it off its throne. Sadly, Interlocked is *not* that game. Not to say this isn't a very nice game, with well-thought out puzzles. It could very well be a contender for runner-up, but there's a feeling that this game hasn't quite reached its full potential. It's yet to be the best it can be.

It's presented as a puzzler, based off of puzzles of interlocking blocks that seem impossible to take apart. It's a basic concept, but one that goes far. The graphics are, as such, simple -- they're blocks. But they're 3D -- you can rotate them any which direction, bring the pieces closer or pull them away. Deceptively simple, but brilliant -- no need for an extravaganza! The music does a nice job too; it's pleasant, relaxing, never overwhelming but never quite memorable. You could be taking a bath.

The controls are simple -- you can either rotate the puzzle in any direction or angle, or you can try to move a single piece. Space bar switches between them, the mouse uses them. But the difficulty can deceive you -- especially when you're struggling to move a piece but the angle you're at won't let you. It's not as smooth as desired, but perhaps that's a part of the puzzle. And you'll still feel a tiny bit smarter after solving these puzzles, which is always a postive.

There's something about this game, though. It's very creative, but it feels incomplete. There are still a few bugs to work out -- after trying one of the early puzzles, the blocks started to phase and jerk around into each other. The controls seem like they could be smoother, though they still work well. And despite the hints given out, this game seems like it'd only attract fans of puzzling games, people with a large amount of patience. Not very accessible.

If you're looking for a good brainteaser game, I highly recommend this particular one. It's great, but not excellent; there *are* better puzzle games out there. However, they are so few and far between that it's completely excusable to think this is the best. It's very good, yes. Very deserving it its front page status. But it could always be better -- and the real puzzle is how to improve on this next time.

neat puzzle

the puzzles are superb !
but the music ... oh the music
I played and when I stopped I just listened and relaxed
the music is just incredible