Reviews for "Meaty Boner"

Only on newgrounds....

meh. once I couldnt get anymore meatier I just ran everything.

I'll never understand why games always do this

You know how a difficulty curve works, right? You make the game easy at the beginning so the player can learn the skills to play the game, and then make it difficult towards the end to test those skills. It's a balance between challenging the player, and keeping them from getting overwhelmed.

So bearing that in mind, why would you take away powerups whenever the player dies? It makes it so that just when I need to slow down a little and rethink my strategy, the difficulty gets ramped UP. It also makes it so that the people who have the easiest time with the game end up with the least challenge. It just doesn't make sense.

Other than that, the animation is very well done. It was a little repetitive, but then again, I ragequit halfway through, so maybe I missed a bunch of really exciting bossfights or something.

great game!

i really like the idea,and the paintings in the backgrounds are really funnie
although if you were trying to make the skeleton grow more flesh,over time.
then there may be a couple glitches there.
but still a great game :)

What a sexy interpretation of human dogs !

The only thing left to ask when seeing this flash is: how many hours of sleep did you miss and how much coffee did you add ?
Great game design!

Jazza responds:

we're all nearly dead. lol

Sex. Wait, there was no innuendo there...

I encountered a glitch at around level 3 where my skull move meant my head would float in the air pointlessly and couldn't be retrieved. But yes this is a pretty standard flash game affair, it's sexy and for 3 days work it's bloody amazing!