Reviews for "Meaty Boner"

Had some fun

I loved how he got more meat, as he got stronger. Also interesting how you converted your theme into this concept. Only complaint is the repeating level design.
Yes I know all you have to do is keep pressing the attack button but hey, I liked doing that.

Hey JAZZA!!!

Shouldn't you be working on the next Larry? This is a great game, really addictive. 10/10


nothing like a game that's secret purpose is a huge cock joke. great game play, fluid animations, and a decent boss fight. all revolving around a meaty boner..... PRICELESS

Jazza responds:

thanks, but, it wasn't a secret. i felt it was quite obvious :P

some glitch poped up

i like the game...not the losing all your meat part but some glitch popped up when i died twice then restarted the level i tried to stun the things and my skull got stuck in mid air i can run around and punch but i cant eat or stun now my heads just frozen in the air,so you should get that fixed

Wicked Comedy

The ending was wicked. Challenging as end bosses should be. Considering that it was made in three days, it was a great job. The difficulty was balanced, however if you get into a groove and your powers wont let go (because you do not fall) then it is a breeze. The end boss just makes up for this though, it was sick!