Reviews for "Meaty Boner"

great idea

awsome game but once you die in the later levels, (ussally from falling since its hard to die meated up) you will find it very hard to get back to killing things like you were. Great concept the idea is fresh and new and you could turn this idea to a console game.

Great But 1 Major Flaw!

Everything was great but 1 thing. When you dye all your meat is gone, Dying at very close to the end of the game, makes it almost impossible to beat. I had to restart and play it again to get to the end.


It was fun..great work for 3 days..Very hard to die..nice idea with the werewolf eating..

An attempt to create a great game in a short time.

and in only 3 days...

You three really know how to make it work.

Although perhaps part of the challenge is playing it right the first time.

Because to beginners it'll be somewhat challenging. But once you know how to stay alive and get all the power ups....it's just and 'endurance run'.

It's only fun for about 5 stages-but this is just a prototype of the game.

Imagine what could be accomplished in a week? This could be just as exhilarating as the Larry game. Complete with Bosses and Weapon collection.

Don't lay this idea and character to rest just yet.

I'm beginning to like this "Meaty Boner" character.

Haha! I get it!

Ohhhhhh you.

All in all this was a pretty fun little game for the Jam.