Reviews for "Meaty Boner"

awesome...simply put

Jazza, you continue to deliver quality with what you submit, to the rest of your team that was an amazing game. Excellent quality, simple yet satisfying and keep playing for more. Love how you continued the joke from "dot dot dot" i personally loved that.

Only thing i gotta say a little irrelevant to this is this: Jazza i want more Larry please :D?


the penis was more than a joke I see

Neat concept but poor execution

First let me say I love the concept of eating your way to better strength and speed (despite the lame "that's a meaty boner!" line) and the artwork is superb. Sadly, though it dropped the ball in gameplay and level design.

At a certain "meatiness" point it's far easier (and frankly more entertaining) to simply run by enemies then to take the time to kill them. At the same time, however, if you do die later in later levels, it's nearly impossible (or at least too frustrating to keep trying) to put the meat back on your bones - mainly because of the enemies that stun you. Ultimately your only option is to try running past everyone until you find a werewolf to eat... but I finally quit after continually being stunned when trying to jump a chasm (which is very annoying).

- Background art and character design are beautiful
- The controls handle fluidly and feel very professional

- Characters are far too easy to kill when "meaty", but far too hard when not
- Having chasms are cool. Having stunning enemies are cool. Having both are not.
- Needs some new weapons besides the flaming boner and your fists (gets boring fighting characters).
- Need more characters you can eat later in the game

Ultimately, I think if there were some minor tweaks to gameplay, this could be a really fun game... but as is, it's a pretty but ultimately insubstantial platform game.

love the pictures once you go above ground

especially Mr. Bean
but very much to easy

good bun....

good but you can hit your foes without really touching them and it basicly stuns them without the head and once your a full meaty boner the game becomes a hack and slash/button masher game should have stronger foes and the foes that stun you do no damage at all