Reviews for "Rebuild"


argh, whats was I doing before, shit. Wow mate you have annawesome game at that I've played games simular but not as addicting as that.


one of the best game i played here fun to fight off the zombies and reclims it all

Finally beaten it!

Finally beaten it, man, took a while, still a great game, really fun, but it's a bit glitchy with the amount of food and people because sometimes when I lose a person or something it stays as the number of people I had before. I'm just pointing that out, it's still an awesome game. My town that I have shut the zombie portal down on is called "The world of Z". Lol. But yeah, great game, you should make a sequel maybe.

good game

however, why is it not a playable shoot-out during a horde attack/raids/etc...?

Truly entertaining

Now this is game! Even though the graphics weren't the best, but that didn't ruin the fun to play it. Not too much and not too less people to hire for tasks and it's well observable even at the end. Also liked that there was more than one way of winning the game, I still kept playing until everything was cleared! Defenitly one of my favourites now.
Just one thing, after I started
researching the Cure-Zombieism-Gene
the recruiting-menu started behaving weird. Other than before, I didn't even needed to select a person to reclaim areas or for other tasks. Also the busy people were listed on top and in between the whole list of avaiable people, making it more difficult to select the ones you want. Maybe you could fix just that. Overall a 10/10.