Reviews for "Mantropa"

Wow, I would rate this an 11 but...

There are only two things currently missing in this vid.... A FULL SCREEN OPTION AND WEED! I WOULD ZONE THE FUCK OUT! IT WAS GORGEOUS! LOL.

Aside from those minor things it was wickedly sweet! ^_~*

wow cool

i love your style


Haven't seen a flash like that before.. no that is not sarcasm.


Top quality flash.

As for the guy giving a 5 somewhere below me, he clearly didn't understand why the stick men were present. I'm not sure I do either, but it was definitely not an attempt at 'action', more like showcasing stickmen fights as a part of animation and gaming history, just like there were glimpses of Pacman, Space Invaders, some fighting game and a vertical shmup.


It was totally awesome, the only reason I didn't give it a higher score is because of the stick people. Yes I realize that a lot of effort went into making this flash, but I can't help but to think that people that can make a flash with a lot of action for stick people can do a lot better than that. Sorry, but that's my verdict.