Reviews for "Mantropa"


It was pretty good and all, but I don't do drugs.


Dude, I have seen some stuff by you before, but this is by far the most amazing stuff you have ever submitted to the portal! I had no idea what was going on in any of this bizarre and surreal masterpiece! Every single second there is something ridiculous going on in the background or foreground. I even find it hard to believe that you made everything! This seems a lot more like a collab where people showed off their different ideas but it just goes to show how one individual can be so talented! It had some of the most lush color I had ever seen!

I absolutely love surrealism and have most of my life. This is what someone like Salvador Dali would make if he was a flash cartoonist. You are an honor to all people who make stuff that doesn't make any sense. This thing is so beautiful with the numbers flying around and the tiki men drumming and the objects and background appearing and disappearing. Call me a fan of yours from now then!

OMG i am ... whattttt

THAT WAS insaaaane. I have the feeling to go kill the president now .. lol jk thats weird and wrong.


More man.. just give me one more fucking hit


Yes my master...there will be blood