Reviews for "Mantropa"

Realy Good

keep it up!


i fell so HI!
i really love this kind of flash... they are very cool and somewhat completely random..

I don't know why....

But i almost vomit XD.....i'm not trying to say that it's a bad flash...i'm saying it's so powerful that gave me stomach ache...and that's what art is all about, making people feel...great flash!!


Interesting artwork, and I liked the concept. The music was a bit repetitive and that part in the middle where it decrescendos almost to nothing and then picks back up, the part with the guys with drums for the second time, that part makes it seem too repetative. That would have been a good place to stop. But good overall.

well done

the detail that was put into this was outstanding. I'm looking fwd to seeing what else your able to do.