Reviews for "Mantropa"

super tripy

that was amazing great evects not boring once even thoe the video was long but not boring at all

Things made of win

Loud music
Good sex
This flash.
Fucking mindblowing, man. This looks like it took a long time to make, so respect for that already. However, the fact that it was so damn smooth, so well matched with the music, and just so all around amazingly well done shows how much effort went into this.
Keep it up, man. Good shit.

What a trip!

A lot of the sequences didn't make a whole lot of sense, but I'm sure there were hidden messages I'll understand with another watch-through.

Fantastic animation. Made my eyes positively pop. :D


love the combination of abstract art techniques! The music fits well with it.


What can I say? It's amazing at all levels. Captures the spirit of the times too I think, or at least, I'd like to... :)