Reviews for "Super Palo"

loved it

wait where is the love?

Na na na na na (8)

Muy simple pero no por eso mala :D Muy buena musica :D :D

really cool

if you speack spanish youll get it:
esa es la cancion de calcetin con rombos-man demasiado buena para ponerla. . . buena eleccion

Not bad

Your animation skills are fairly decent, i'm impressed with that much. However, using stick figures is another way of saying, "I'm too lazy to draw real people". No offense intended, but I think if you could pull off the same style of animation without stick figures, you could easily reach Daily 1st Place. 4/5, 9/10.


the smoke isd fart gas ROTFLMAOWDC (WDC=While Drinking Coke) :)