Reviews for "Super Palo"

Esta Wena! XD

Jajajajajajajaja buena animaciĆ²n men xd y kn musika de 31 minutos salio bkn \m/

i agree with funkmasterted

this video does need work and is way to short.the thing does have a plot but barely any though and is drawn like a kindergardener.come on we know you can do better.i've seen a video called nuclear wasteland that is awsome.come on and give it some effort like people that post there videos on NG,cause if you don't you might as well put it on youtube and see what i'm telling you.


f in awesome series is out


The flash was awsome but it was too short I can see a seris to this!!!

Constructive criticism

As one who holds an open mind to the vastness of flash animation and the unlimited potential it holds, I must semi-drunkenly state that you're animations have an animated detail to them and a simple plot. But when it comes to an animation with substance you are lacking in imagination. If you are aiming for simplicity and brief stick violence you have done well. if you want a better audience i suggest more length, direction, style, and a better hint of plot.

Sjoh8 responds:

thanks for the criticism :)