Reviews for "Super Palo"


good movie, bad english you got 0!

Not too shabby

I'm particularly impressed with how smooth your flames and smoke are, I would be quite interested in learning more along that line.

With the work and detail you put in there, however, I see little reason to consign yourself to stick figures unless you are taking Richard Williams' advice when beginning human animation to keep it simple for the purpose of getting it down.

I think you have the artistic capacity to delve into more detailed characters. Additionally, would you mind if I contacted you about collaborating with you in the future?

Amazing Animation!

I really like it!

super palo jajajajaja

i really like the idea of using the Calcetin con rombos man song xD jajaja es buenisimo :P

I liked it.

You have a talent that not many people have. Animation skill.
The animation was smooth, but still very short. But why did you put love in the author comments? Anyway, good job.