Reviews for "Super Palo"


Is the guy farting and burping? it looks like it for me... anyway i enjoy it. =)


just awesome

Very short

For the 3+ megs of file size, I expected the animation to be longer. The animation itself is pretty good, but can't say the same for sounds. An overall random flash.


I understand that stick figure animations are typically designed for frame by frame practice, or to overcome artistic shortcomings. Typically, I don't enjoy or consider those animations on a high caliber. This , however, was excellent. Although there was simplistic stick animation, you integrated that simplicity with other artforms and shapes and created a fluid marriage between the two. The animation was well done, the music and sound effects were perfect, and the flash was altogether amusing. I loved this little short. Please continue to make these "sketch pad" animations, they are rather charming.


dejame adivinar... usaste la musica de calcetinconrombosman... no?
le diste un muy buen uso

PD: sorry... no english version... use the traductor here >:T