Reviews for "garfrield da cat"


This is by far the greatest animation I've EVER witnessed. You sir, are a genius.


try 2 work on your animation and sound skills and especially your sense of humor cuz that shames Garfield shames him(and you might do better next time!) and ariosh3 I agree but my star is because of the shock of this getting on front page and if u think this is useless GO AHEAD! I don't care just sharing constructive criticism and my opinions on this animation. or just pair up with someone else to do animations with you and share the work. that way at least u won't have people spazzing over a video that's not even worth ANYBODY'S time so pls 4 all of us work hard and get better! K I know this is going to be deleted soon so I hope before u delete this HEED IT'S WARNING!!!!!

What is this I dont even...

I expect four minutes of my life back. In cash. With a tip.


I clicked on this hoping to see an entertaining clip about Garfield being his gluttonous self. instead i was forced to destroy a hospital full of children because of the poor quality of this video. for the sake of the children, don't make a sequel.

i gave you a star because of the LSD lasagna which was the truth behind Italian cooking. why else do you think Mario can jump so high.


My last review got deleted because i gave some helpful critisism, so here's another one. Because I don't want to have to write it all again, I'm going to summerize:
Work on your drawing and animation style, Work on your voice acting and music, and your joke was not funny, so write some actually funny material. Not trying to be a dick here, I'm trying to help you better yourself.