Reviews for "garfrield da cat"


Gave you 1 for the laugh and 0.5 for the story

1 + 0.5 = 1.5

1.5 is almost 2

so 2 it is

Its so bad!

While this is entertaining because it is so bad, the animation is horrible and the sounds and music are just annoying. I do not know how this got front page but, better luck next time.

Not that great :/

There are tutorials on youtube for how to animate, composite your animated files into one clip, as well as improving your drawing skills. I think with more polish and finesse, this parody would improve greatly! Itll be fun learning new techniques and skills! Youll find that itll be worth your time and energy, and youll appreciate your work more. In my opinion...I wouldnt slap something together. It just doesnt get your story across clearly at all. Just practice and youll get there :)! It takes time and lots of patience! Have faith in yourself and goodluck :D!

Well i loved it


Such A Simple Thing

It's...A Garfield Parody,

But...Nothing really made it a Parody other then the bad graphics
and the Flipping off........

It was funny...at a "oh my gosh why would he make this" way....10/10....you made me break out into laughter