Reviews for "garfrield da cat"

All I saw was a poor Garfield animation where he burped and acted stupid. Granted, in most Garfield comic strips, that's what happens, but this isn't that good. I guess it was probably meant to be a parody of how dumb Garfield is, but it didn't too much for me. I think the only good animated part was when Jon raised his eyebrows. If this was meant to be cheesy, then congradulations, for it was truly was. I just wish there was a more deconstructive parody.

I am one of those people who loved Garfield as a kid, but have now come to hate it. I think most people are like that now. Somehow, a cat being useless and fat isn't that funny anymore. Hey, at least you were better than some Garfield strips. I feel sorry for the peanut allergy thing. My brother's allergic to gluten, so I would know.

This is so fucking hilarious



garfrield-da-cat responds:


God damn

Its so amazing i couldn't find anything else to say about it.

This is gold.

This video contained all the information for me to get my medical degree. I wasted 3 years and college and the video just sumed it up. You have to make this a saga, please.