Reviews for "garfrield da cat"

Because fuck you!

This it was so terrible it was funny and mad my day.
Somebody give this MoFo a trophy.


Sorrt but u sucks


if you look hard...you can find humor...just not crappy 60's humor like the guys below like.....

look, i know its tough

its tough to learm how to animate, and to draw, but your first praticing shouldn't be posted, seriously.

Jesus christ...

You have the audacity to insult a rather well made soundboard on it's contents, but you post flash videos like this? You have absolutely no talent whatsoever. You are not, and very likely never will be in a position where you will have the right and reason to criticize someone else's work.

Oh, constructive criticism? Next time, don't have a violent seizure on your keyboard and submit it as a flash video.